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District Events - Pictures 

This page is about us and what we do including Squadron, District, and National Events.

Not all squadron, district nor national events are posted to this site.  Your contributions would be a welcome addition. 


Even though each squadron should also keep important flyers on their website, District 3 welcomes additions. 

Contact your squadron directly to learn more about events and activities.

Fresh Groceries
Donation to Long Island
Food Bank click here
Calendar of Events

2019 Rendezvous East July 26-27

Pictures - Click Below

2018 Poster Contest

 District 3    

       2020 October 2 - Council Meeting

Take a quick Look who was there!

2022 09-25 Gov Bd.jpg

District 3 at 2022
National Governing Board

District Events

Council Meeting

October 20th 2023

Sweet Meeting Pix

Member Photo

District Events

A Cruise to Manhattan

This Afternoon Cruise and lunch

 Event Pictures


District Beach Blast pictures

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