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The District Bridge is available to help you learn more about our organization, find a boating class near you and introduce you to many club activities for you, your family and your friends to enjoy. 

Just click on Contract Us to send a message to the District Commander and the Bridge.

Robert Natoli, SN
District Administrative Officer

2018 D3 Christopher Smith-1.jpg

John Pergola, AP
District Executive Officer

Douglas Durfee, SN
District Educational Officer

Ann Frenz, SN
District Secretary

Sean Donohoe,SN
District Treasurer

2020 Chaplain MA

James M Milton, JN
District Flag Lt

Mary Anne McCoy, SN

District Chaplain

2020 Flag Sean.jpg
2023 Bob Natoli  (002).jpg
2018 D3 Ann Frenz.jpg
Douglas Durfee.jpg
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