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The District Bridge is available to help you learn more about our organization, find a boating class near you and introduce you to many club activities for you, your family and your friends to enjoy. 

Just click on Contract Us to send a message to the District Commander and the Bridge.

Kevin Kuo, JN
District Administrative Officer

2024 John - 0K9A1860.JPG

Robert Natoli, SN
District Executive Officer

Douglas Durfee, SN
District Educational Officer

Ann Frenz, SN
District Secretary

Sean Donohoe,SN
District Treasurer

2020 Chaplain MA_edited.jpg

Helen Nolin, S
District Flag Lt

Mary Anne McCoy, SN

District Chaplain

2024 Sean - 0K9A1898.JPG
2024 Bob 0K9A1910.JPG
2018 D3 Ann Frenz_edited.jpg
2024 Douglas - 0K9A1961.JPG
2024 Helen - 0K9A1933.JPG
2024 Kevin - 0K9A1883.JPG
2024 Luann 0K9A1926.JPG

Luann Kazanecki, SN
District Flag Lt

   As the incoming District Commander, I am proud of the dedication of those who have been an inspiration to our mission to teach safe boating on Long Island.

The District, reaching from Brooklyn to Montauk Point, has many talented members who are ready to help individual members and their squadron, share more, and enjoy more. 

First question, “How can District help you?"

    The America’s Boating Club will actively be reaching out to you, the members, and to all boaters around Long Island in an effort to better serve your boating needs.

   Join us during District and Squadron events. Check the calendar and be part of the fun as we come together in camaraderie.

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