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About Us

District 3 is the Long Island New York regional organization of the United States Power Squadrons®, a non-profit educational

501 (c)(3) organization that teaches safe boating, boat handling, navigation, and various courses to members

and to the public.

Each squadron or local club is ready to help local boaters learn more. Contact a local club near you for more information. 

Contact a squadron near you

and take a safe boating course

or advanced educational course, today!

D3 Calendar of Events

District Commander Christopher's comment:

I would like to thank all the members of District 3 for their support and encouragement. This year will find us with many changes as we re-coup from 2 years of Pandemic restrictions.

We're ready to share our superior educational programs in person and Virtually with our members and with the general boating population here on Long Island.

The new Bridge is planning several events: Picnics, Dinners, and Educational Classes / Seminars to name a few.

Plus, we want to share our love and joy of boating with our family and friends.

Join us at one of our District events and share the love of boating with boaters who know.  We're Club members who are here to help all boaters. See you soon.

District Council Meeting

Friday, 12 May 2023:

This Council meeting will discuss important issues that affect each member of District 3. Your participation is important and welcomed. See the flyer for details

Always watch for emails about new information

and important events.

2018 D3 Christopher Smith-1.jpg

There are lots of Events on our Calendar.

Welcome all!

Operations Training 3 Open to ALL D3 Members
Next Session
Summer or Fall 2023
sign up NOW.

 contact Ann

Instructor Development Course - Spring 2023
Share your boating skills with others become a Certified Instructor
Pre-Register by contacting Ann

We are always concerned about the health and well-being of our members. We are currently scheduling in-person events but know that some members still consider 'social distancing' important.  Join us at our events: if you prefer to social distance - we understand;
if you prefer to wear a mask - we understand.


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D3 Mariners

Besty's Sea Stars

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